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Long Lake (WI)Fishing Reports

1 Fishing Report


Largemouth Bass


Spring (Current)

Long Lake Fishing Reports for Spring Largemouth Bass

1 Report on Long Lake

0 Reports for Largemouth Bass + Spring

There are no fishing reports for Spring + Largemouth Bass. Help the community learn more about Long Lake by Filing a Fishing Report.

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  • yaktechy

    Bronze Ambassador

    • Season


    • Species

      Largemouth Bass

    • Technique

      Live Bait Rigs

    • Structure

      Submerged Vegetation

    Fishing Report for Largemouth Bass using Live Bait Rigs in Summer (Submerged Vegetation)

    Got a late start on the morning trying to find some walleye on the weed edges. Slip bobber and leeches seemed to be the hot ticket for bluegills and largemouth around the cabbage

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