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Rainy Lake (MN)Fishing Reports

2 Fishing Reports


Smallmouth Bass1


Spring (Current)1

Rainy Lake Fishing Reports for Spring Smallmouth Bass

2 Reports on Rainy Lake

1 Report for Smallmouth Bass + Spring

  • Ben Nelson

    Gold Ambassador

    • Season

      Spring (Post-Spawn)

    • Species

      Smallmouth Bass

    • Technique

      Soft Body Swimbaits (Small/Medium)

    • Structure


    Fishing Report for Smallmouth Bass using Soft Body Swimbaits (Small/Medium) in Spring (Post-Spawn) (Boulders)

    Smallies are pulling out deeper after spawning. A medium sized swimbait is a great way to cover water around old spawning areas and points were they are pulling out:

    Benjamin recommended this gear for Rainy Lake, MN

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  • Ray Valley

    Silver Ambassador

    • Season


    • Species


    • Technique

      Vertical Jigging Deep (20+')

    • Structure


    Fishing Report for Walleye using Vertical Jigging Deep (20+') in Summer (Ledges)

    During a calm week of light winds and bright sun, we had to use a variety of techniques to find active fish. Biggest regret was not to bring minnows on our camping trip. Instead, we had wimpy leeches (jumbo's were... Read More

    Ray recommended this gear for Rainy Lake, MN

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