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Sam Rayburn Fishing Report

TX (Angelina, Jasper, Nacogdoches, Sabine, San Augustine)

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Water Clarity

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Fall Styles

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  • A-Rigging
  • Buzz Baiting
  • Carolina Rigging
  • Cast/Retrieve Deep
  • Cast/Retrieve Mid Depth
  • Cast/Retrieve Shallow
  • Chatterbaiting
  • Crankbaiting
  • Dropshot
  • Finesse Fishing
  • Froggin
  • Jerk Baiting
  • Livebait Rigging
  • Ned Rigging
  • Neko Rigging
  • Power Fishing
  • Power Jigging
  • Shaky Head Fishing
  • Spinnerbaits
  • Spybaiting
  • Texas Rigging
  • Top Water
  • Vertical Jigging Deep
  • Vertical Jigging Mid Depth
  • Vertical Jigging Shallow
  • Wacky Rigging

Lake Details


What you need to know about fishing Sam Rayburn Reservoir

With over 114,000 acres of water and over 600 miles of shoreline Sam Rayburn Lake offers some of the best fishing and boating activities in Eastern Texas. In 2018 Bassmaster named Sam Rayburn as the best bass fishing lake in the United States. Not surprisingly, the most popular sport fish in Sam Rayburn is largemouth bass, along with catfish, and crappie while white bass and sunfish opportunities are also available. Fish can be found hiding or hunting on weed edges and through the variable contours including submerged humps and channels. With largemouth bass and crappies seeking shallow areas during cooler months and moving to mid-lake structure and brush piles in the hot summer months anglers can change styles and techniques depending on water temperatures and season. With relatively clear water in portions of the reservoir natural looking tackle colors are commonly recommended. Texas Parks and Wildlife

Waterbody Type




Surface Area

452.27 sq. km

Avg. Depth

0 ft.

Species Present

Largemouth Bass, Crappie, Panfish / Bluegill, Catfish, White Bass

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    Launching soon for this waterbody.



    Launching soon for this waterbody.

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    Expert Picks


    Rayburn Spawning Bass

    Good places to try your luck for a trophy bass include the back of Harvey Creek, Buck Bay, and Deer Stand. "Some of the fish are way back in the bays, along the edges of some of these that have a drop off close by,” said seasoned Rayburn fishing guide, Lynn Atkinson. “We’ll start off throwing a spinner bait, looking for bedding bass and then maybe switch off to wacky worm or a jig.

    Spinner Baits: Try a double gold bladed spinner.  Throw it out there, let it sink to the bottom, let it sit for a while, pop it a couple of times and make sure to let it touch structure or bottom becuase the fish will be laying on the bottom (3-8 ft of water).

    Wacky Worms: Use a five to six-inch Zoom Finesse or Senko worm.  Throws the worm out, let it sink to the bottom and just kind of jiggle it back.  “If you see a bed, throw it up in that bed, let it sit, just kind of jiggle it. The bass will pick it up. They think it’s a salamander or other predators that have come to feed on the eggs of the bass, " said Atkinson

    Bass Jigs:  Use a jig weight between 5/16 to 3/4 oz and pitch it toward stumps or a bed.  Also target fish on incoming points in 12 feet of water.  Try a watermelon Zoom  Crawler behind the hook.

    Stay tight around the spawning areas up shallow and keep the bait on the bottom.  About the end of April or the beginning of May the fish will be moving into the deeper water.

    Terminator Super Stainless Spinnerbait 1/2 oz / SHARP CHARTREUSE
    Terminator Super Stainless Spinnerbait

    WEIGHT: 1/2 oz



    Terminator Super Stainless Spinnerbait 3/8 oz / SHARP CHARTREUSE
    Terminator Super Stainless Spinnerbait

    WEIGHT: 3/8 oz



    VMC Wacky Hook #1 / BLACK NICKEL
    VMC Wacky Hook

    SIZE: #1



    VMC Wacky Hook #2/0 / BLACK NICKEL
    VMC Wacky Hook

    SIZE: #2/0



    VMC Weedless Wacky Hook #2 / BLACK NICKEL
    VMC Weedless Wacky Hook

    SIZE: #2



    Berkley Powerbait Maxscent The General Stick Bait 5" / Green Pumpkin


    BioSpawn ExoStick 5" / Feider Shad
    BioSpawn ExoStick

    LENGTH: 5"

    COLOR: Feider Shad


    Yamamoto Senko Worm Chartreuse with Large Black / 5"
    Yamamoto Senko Worm

    COLOR: Chartreuse with Large Black

    LENGTH: 5"


    Yamamoto Senko Worm Watermelon / 5"
    Yamamoto Senko Worm

    COLOR: Watermelon

    LENGTH: 5"


    Strike King Hack Attack Flipping Jig 1/2 oz / Green Pumpkin Craw
    Strike King Hack Attack Flipping Jig

    WEIGHT: 1/2 oz

    COLOR: Green Pumpkin Craw


    Strike King Hack Attack Flipping Jig 1/2 oz / Bama Craw
    Strike King Hack Attack Flipping Jig

    WEIGHT: 1/2 oz

    COLOR: Bama Craw


    Zoom Trick Worm Watermelon Seed / 6 1/2"
    Zoom Trick Worm

    COLOR: Watermelon Seed

    LENGTH: 6 1/2"


    Hot Baits

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