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Weaver Lake

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Ice (Current)
6 Fishing Reports

Weaver Lake Overview

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Top Techniques Reported for Largemouth Bass + Ice

    Total Fishing Reports
    Top Species Reported for Ice

    0 reports for Ice

    Other Species Reported for Weaver Lake

    1. Largemouth Bass5 Reports
    2. Northern Pike1 Report

    Weaver Lake Fishing Reports

    6 Reports on Weaver Lake

    Most Relevant
    • Erik Gaffron

      Gold Ambassador


      • Species

        Largemouth Bass

      • Season

        Spring (Post-Spawn)

      • Technique


      • Structure

        Lily Pads

      BLACK hollow bellied frogs and Horney toad style lures in all light conditions are absolutely killer out here. Not a ton of Large fish around but plenty of 2-4 pound largemouth are present. Rumors of the big girls are around, but mainly just a good lake to get on and get some frog fishing practice early in the season. Be sure to test out a lot of the shoreline as the fish do move around a lot in the little bowl lake.
    • Fish Whisperer

      Gold Ambassador


      • Species

        Largemouth Bass

      • Season

        Spring (Spawn)

      • Technique

        Wacky Rigs

      • Structure

        Submerged Vegetation

      • Water Temperature


      Bass were nuts. A lot of small ones but 4 over 15" (one 19") and 30" Pike. All caught on Whacky Rig Green Worm. Pike too.
    • Omnia Community Member

      Bronze Ambassador


      • Species

        Largemouth Bass

      • Season


      • Technique

        Texas Rigs (Pitch/Flip)

      • Structure

        Matted Grass

      Not great numbers, but good size to a few fish.

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