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MN (Ramsey, Washington)

White Bear Lake Fishing

SEASON: Pre-Spawn (Current)
SPECIES: Largemouth Bass

Relevant Gear for White Bear Lake Pre-Spawn Largemouth Bass Fishing

Pre-Spawn Largemouth Bass Fishing Reports

We have no Fishing Reports for Pre-Spawn Largemouth Bass yet.

Other Species Fishing Reports for Pre-Spawn

  • Reported by Josh Traxler

    Season: Pre-Spawn

    Structure: Submerged Vegetation

    Species: Crappie

    Technique: Bobbers

Other Season Fishing Reports

  • Reported by Dan Fabiano

    White Bear Lake seems to only be good in the early Spring, but most events seem to lay in the Summer. This lake has probably the most chaotic boat ramps,... Read More

    Season: Summer

    Structure: Rock Pile

    Species: Largemouth Bass

    Technique: Football Jigs

  • Reported by Josh S

    Drop shot deep (12+ feet) weed edge, coon tail patches. Find the hard bottom to weed line transitions. Utilize your electronics to find those transitions.

    Season: Summer

    Structure: Submerged Vegetation

    Species: Largemouth Bass

    Technique: Drop Shots

  • Reported by John Ries

    WBL is a great fishery that is loaded with bait, particularly small bluegill. I have found the best way to catch LMB in this boyd of water is cranking... Read More

    Season: Summer

    Structure: Matted Grass

    Species: Largemouth Bass

    Technique: Deep Diving Crankbaits (13'+)

    Rapala DT 10 BLUEGILL / 2 1/4"

    DT 10 BLUEGILL / 2 1/4"


  • Reported by John Ries

    Sudden drop in air temperature and relatively warm water temperature puts a fog on the surface of the water, indicating that a topwater bite is potentially on. Fish flat,... Read More

    Season: Fall

    Structure: Reeds

    Species: Muskie

    Technique: Hard Topwater (Prop)

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