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White River

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Largemouth Bass


Summer (Current)
2 Fishing Reports

White River Overview

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Top Techniques Reported for Largemouth Bass + Summer

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    1. Largemouth Bass2 Reports

    White River Fishing Reports

    2 Reports on White River

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    • OctoberHouses

      Gold Ambassador


      • Species

        Largemouth Bass

      • Season

        Spring (Post-Spawn)

      • Technique

        Wacky Rigs

      • Structure

        Rock Pile

      • Water Temperature


      I went fishing on the river to have some fun and catch some cold, clear water bass. I also wanted to test the Shimano Mastiff in a smaller diamter. This line has been great so far. It's very smooth and slick, being a fluorocarbon line. One thing I noticed is that it has a little bit of give which doesn't affect sensitivity or hook setting power, but works as a cushion for rough impacts. Some fluorocarbons tend to deform and become weaker with time. But lines like Shimano Mastiff seem to combat this by having just a touch of flexibility which also improves line handling and casting compared to stiffer premium lines. The river was around 7.85' and dropping, and the water temperature was 58F. It was overcast with some sprinkling rain here and there. I caught a few fish by casting against exposed tree roots and rocks using a senko rig with Zappu weighted hooks. This setup has become my go-to for a more finesse approach.
    • Weston Dean

      Bronze Ambassador


      • Species

        Largemouth Bass

      • Season


      • Technique

        Hard Jerkbaits

      • Structure


      I started off using the KVD 100 jerkbait because it was cheaper. I have higher end jerkbaits but am scared to use them initially till I learn the snags. I caught a solid 20.5" largemouth using the aforementioned lure. I have found the KVD jerkbaits to be a great option and suspend very well for a "cheaper" lure. I strongly suggest getting some to run in front of your favorite jerkbaits, but I can't promise you won't enjoy the Strike King offering just as much. I upgraded mine with Owner rings and #6 hooks, and it has been a great bait. This is a widely available jerkbait but can hold its own against the top tier baits out there.

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