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Sam Rayburn Spring Bass Fishing Tips

May 28, 2019

Tournaments fished on Sam Rayburn are already reporting big bass. If an angler doesn’t have several fish over five pounds, they’re going to have a tough time getting a check.

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Where to Fish

Moving into March and early April the Largemouth should be on beds spawning. Good places to try your luck for a trophy bass include the back of Harvey Creek, Buck Bay, and Deer Stand.

“Some of the fishing is way back in the bays, along the edges of some of these that have a drop off close by,” said seasoned Rayburn fishing guide, Lynn Atkinson. “We’ll start off throwing a spinner bait, looking for bedding bass and then maybe switch off to wacky worm or a jig.

Atkinson is fishing water 3-8 feet deep. “I stay in that water column pretty much during the spring. That’s where the majority of the big girls are going to be. You should be able to see the bass on the beds in the shallower depths where the water is pretty clear.”

Spinner Baits

Lynn likes the double gold-bladed spinner bait. “My buddy and I have been throwing them for years. I put a little trailer on behind the skirt. Usually, I’ll throw it out there, let it sink to the bottom, let it sit for a while, pop it a couple of times, and slow roll it, just getting the blades to revolve as I reel it back to me. I want it to touch structure or bottom as it comes back to me. The fish I catch will be laying on the bottom.

Wacky Worms

Lynn uses five to six inch Zoom Finesse or Senko worms. He throws the worm out, let it sink to the bottom and just kind of jiggle it back to him, real slow. “If you see a bed, throw it up in that bed, let it sit, just kind of jiggle it. The bass will pick it up. They think it’s a salamander or other predators that have come to feed on the eggs of the bass.

Bass Jigs

Jig weight size can be anywhere from a 5/16 to 3/4 oz bait. “I pitch toward stumps or a bed that I can see a bass nesting on. He also targets fish on incoming points, 12 feet of water with a 1/16 oz. jig catching fish that are moving in and out of bays and coves. His favorite color is green, with a green Zoom Magnum Crawler behind the hook. “It has some red metal flakes mixed in; I think the name of the color is Watermelon.”

“I like the flipping jigs as they seem to come through most of the cover good. I work it real slow, drag it on the bottom.” Final words of advice: “Stay tight around the spawning areas; that’s where they are a going to be, up shallow and keep the bait on the bottom.” About the end of April or the beginning of May the fish will be moving into the deeper water. His biggest fish has been a 11.20 lbs. trophy.

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