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Lake St Clair Fishing Report for Smallmouth Bass using Lipless Crankbaits in Summer (Submerged Vegetation)

Reported by Patrick Walters on Aug 27, 2020
The time to be fishing offshore on Lake St. Clair for smallmouth bass is right now! The fish are located anywhere from 13 feet out to 20 feet of water, on expansive flats with perch grass on them. The trick is to cover as much water as possible with a crankbait, that does not touch the bottom, I prefer the Rapala DT 10, making long cast in search of schools of smallmouth bass along the flats. And once you find an area that has a couple smallmouth around, I like to follow up my crankbait presentation with a drop shot or a ned rig and you will be surprised with how many more fish you will catch in that area!

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