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Berkley Power Switch Breakdown | Polish Pete

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We're seeing every bait release have some kind of forward-facing sonar component, and the Power Switch is no different. Try out this pre-rigged bait filled with Powerbait!

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Video Transcription

The Berkley Power Switch. This is a brand new bait category, I guess you could say, because it's a pre-rigged jig, right? And it's pre-rigged soft plastic and jig that instead of being swam through the water column, you're snapping around. So think of like the jigging rap or a jigging spoon or a blade bait, something like that. You can fish it like that, but it's a soft plastic minnow presentation. And it's made with PowerBait. So it's got some scent to it there, but it's pre-rigged a little heavier weight than you'd expect it to be, because it's meant to be erratic and dart around with minimal rod movement. I had some good success with these this fall. I caught my biggest smallmouth on Rainy Lake with it, to be honest, cracking on it pretty hard. It was tough to get the bite going, so I was looking for that reaction bite, and I was snapping on it really, really hard, and I was able to catch my biggest smallmouth of the trip on this bait. So if you are a forward-facing sonar angler or someone who just likes a structure fish offshore, and you want to try a new presentation, check out this Berkley Power Switch. This is a really cool new reaction style bait for spinning tackle that I think you're going to find home in your tackle box for. [Music]