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Blade Baits

Blade baits are a great option when the water is at its coldest temperature for the year and fish are extremely lethargic. They are designed to be fished off the bottom with subtle movements. Blade baits create a thumping vibration with even the smallest movement. Tie one of these on during cold temperatures if moving baits like jerkbaits and lipless crankbaits aren't getting bites.

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  1. MolixMolix Trago Vib Blade Bait

    Molix Trago Vib Blade Bait

    $8.99 – $9.99

  2. DamikiDamiki Vault Blade Bait

    Damiki Vault Blade Bait

    $6.99 – $7.49

  3. Vanguard TackleVanguard Tackle Split Rings

    Vanguard Tackle Split Rings

    $0.69 – $0.99$0.99

  4. OwnerOwner ST-36 Treble Hook

    Owner ST-36 Treble Hook

    $8.49 – $9.49

  5. GamakatsuGamakatsu G-Finesse MH Treble

    Gamakatsu G-Finesse MH Treble

    $8.99 – $10.29

  6. VMCVMC Split Ring

    VMC Split Ring


  7. VMCVMC Duolock Snap

    VMC Duolock Snap


  8. VMCVMC Rolling Swivel

    VMC Rolling Swivel


  9. SunlineSunline New Shooter Fluorocarbon

    Sunline New Shooter Fluorocarbon

    $26.99 – $139.99$35.99

  10. P-LineP-Line Tactical Fluorocarbon

    P-Line Tactical Fluorocarbon

    $20.99 – $31.99

  11. DaiwaDaiwa J-Braid Grand x8

    Daiwa J-Braid Grand x8

    $19.99 – $29.99

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