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Jason Christie's Top 3 Lew's Reels

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Jason has been using Lew's reels for years on the Elite series and knows exactly what to use to winch the fish out of the water and get the biggest numbers in the boat. Check out what he uses on a daily basis!

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Hey guys, Jason Christie here Elite Series Pro. I want to give you my top three Lew's reels. First of all, my flipping power setup is a Lew's SP. This is a skipping pitching reel, holds 50 yards of line. You know, just this is a workhorse. This is close combat, bush, isn't stuff like that. The reel that I do a lot of fishing with, broad spectrum, crankbait, spinnerbait. Just about everything else is the Hypermag. You know, and the reason it fits my hand well, there's different gear ratios. I actually color coordinate the handles to go with the gear ratio. Everything that's in my box has got a green handle, a 7.5:1. Everything that's black is an 8.3:1. And then a spinning, to be honest, I'm starting to become a spinning reel guy. This is a Custom Pro here by Lew's. Everything's right. Everything fits from the reel handle to the drag. It's just the right size for me. This is a 3000. I actually caught a 9.4 lb. this year in the Elite series on a spinning rod in a tournament. So yeah, actually, those are my three favorite Lew's reels. [MUSIC PLAYING]