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The spinnerbait stands the test of time – it’s been a mainstay in tackle boxes for as long as people have been chasing fish. Recently though, there has been a decline in the use of spinnerbaits for the simple fact that new baits have come onto the market. Despite the ever-changing lure market, a spinnerbait shouldn’t be overlooked. It remains one of the most versatile baits on the market and can be fished year-round. Its versatility comes from the ability to change components to match the water and conditions you are fishing.

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  1. ZManZMan SlingBladeZ Double Willow

    ZMan SlingBladeZ Double Willow

    $7.99 – $8.99

  2. DaiwaDaiwa Samurai Braided Line

    Daiwa Samurai Braided Line

    $27.99 – $32.99

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