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Texas Rigs (Pitch/Flip)

Texas rigging is one of the best ways to catch bass. Texas rigs can be weightless or weighted. Nearly all soft plastics can be texas rigged in some way, allowing the angler to fish plastics in the heaviest cover. 

Techniques/Texas Rigs (Pitch/Flip)/
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  1. DepsDeps Bull Flat

    Deps Bull Flat

    $10.99 – $11.99

  2. ZManZMan Hella CrawZ

    ZMan Hella CrawZ


  3. NetBaitNetBait Dagger

    NetBait Dagger


  4. ZManZMan Pro CrawZ

    ZMan Pro CrawZ


  5. ZManZMan Palmetto BugZ

    ZMan Palmetto BugZ


  6. ZManZMan LizardZ

    ZMan LizardZ


  7. ZManZMan Boar HogZ

    ZMan Boar HogZ


  8. Big Bite BaitsBig Bite Baits Creature

    Big Bite Baits Creature

    $4.29 – $4.99

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