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Rapala OG Deep Tiny 7 Breakdown | Seth Feider

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From Ott's Garage and Rapala comes a new crankbait that will probably be in Seth's boat next year!

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Video Transcription

So guys, a brand new bait from Rapala. This is OG Tiny 7. Basically a deep diving version of the regular Tiny OG. For me, this is going to be a really good pre-spawn cold water crankbait, especially in some of those clear lakes. Or in the spring, you have a lot of up and down weather. The regular Tiny is a really good bait when they get up shallow around the bank. But this one's going to go out to seven feet. So if you're fishing a little bit clearer water, or those fish that are moving up aren't quite in that super shallow water, they're more than that 5, 6, 7 foot of water. Or if you're getting a lot of up and down weather systems, you know, or it's getting hot and cold, hot and cold. And the fish fully haven't committed to being up dirt shallow. That's where this bait's going to shine. When they're pulling in and out throughout the day, you've got a bait that you can go down the bank. Flat sided balsa bait. Tight action. Really good cold water bait. But this one's going to go a little bit deeper. So if it's not windy and they're not pushing up shallow, or it's real clear and they're hanging out a little deeper, this bait's going to get down there a little deeper. So you can cover those steeper banks. Or like I said, if you get that real back and forth weather and they're not really sold on being in two, three feet of water kind of hanging back, that's where that OG Tiny 7 really gets them. But we've got plenty of them in omniafishing.com. Check them out. [MUSIC PLAYING]