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How to Handle Difficult To Store Tackle

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Lots of tackle out there is difficult to store in conventional containers, so here are a few that aren't talked about as much.

  • Technique: Umbrella Rigs

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  • Hog Farmer Bait Company BFL Umbrella Rig

    Hog Farmer Bait Company BFL Umbrella Rig

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  • Howie's Tackle Umbrella Rig Storage Box

    Howie's Tackle Umbrella Rig Storage Box

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  • WOO! Tungsten Lure Wrap

    WOO! Tungsten Lure Wrap

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  • Technique: Frogs/Toads

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Video Transcription

What's up, everybody? It's Polish Pete. I'm in the Omnia studio here in Golden Valley, Minnesota. It's that time of year again where this conversation pops up. It always happens this time of year. We start getting questions about tackle storage and some of the baits that are hard to store. What are the latest and greatest solutions for storing them that have come out? We have a couple new options out there for some of the harder categories of baits to store, like for example, the A-rig. A-rigs are awesome. All over the country in Minnesota, we're a little challenged here with them because we're only allowed to have one hook on them, but we still throw them a little bit because they just get bit. As you know, A-rigs are grown in popularity throughout the years because they're just a big fish kind of bait, but hard ones to store. If you just throw them in a box loose all into each other, they can kind of get tangled up and kind of damage a little bit and they do get rusty like that too. So one of the things you want to do is check out this new Howie's tackle box that we got here from Howie's tackle and we're using it for rigs here. So if you see, I got some of our most popular A-rigs here from Hog Farmer, the Diamond A-rigs, the Yum flash mobs, all that stuff. You can get these here. Pop them in these tubes and keep them all separate in there and then they're easy even to find which exact ones you want to use, especially for fishing multiple states and you have different regulations, things like that. It's easy to kind of check them out and see what you got in there for your A-rig inventory.

Next one's a big one for me. This is something I started doing a little while ago with different bags and boxes, but swim bait storage. Swim bait storage is a challenge just because they're larger baits. They can be like for this one, for example, extremely expensive and very hard to find. So you want to take super good care of it, just firing it into an old brown box of yours in the boat. It's probably not the best idea. Some people do it. Who knows to you, but I would be freaking out because these things are expensive. I've been taking lure wraps and wrapping these things up nice and tight and using these big like Stowall bags from Plano we have here. There's also the Bass Mafia like Money Bags, all that stuff. Still have the card in here, so excuse that. You pull it out to be clear, but you can shove these inside of here with these wraps and protect even the tail portions, protect the hooks even, the hook points and all that, and you can put a bunch of them in there. You know, if you have a ton of them this might not be the best option, but if you're like me, you have a handful of expensive ones and you want them in the boat, but you're not always throwing them all the time. This is a good way to keep them safe and kind of separate and you can also see them really easy and see which options you got available to you.

And lastly, we got frogs. This one has been in the making for a long time, very popular, you know, item for all anglers all over the country, fishing a frog. Always been a little bit difficult to store some people might not think so, but if you're a hardcore frog or you know exactly what I'm talking about, you've jammed a whole ton of these in a traditional box and the legs here they get all kind of bound up and nasty, so people would put like baby powder and things like that in there so the legs wouldn't get all kind of mangled inside the traditional boxes, but it also can make them difficult to kind of sort through and see depending on the type of box you got there. So Plano came out with this Edge Box. I've talked about this box before. This is the Edge Frog Box. I think this is super slick. I've got one of these and it's going to be for my garage storage because I, you know, have different styles of frogs. I use it in different parts of the country. If I do travel and fish or ones that I want to grab and get to, you can put a ton of frogs in this thing, but you just pop up these little arms. You can pop them completely out or you can pop up either side you want and you just hang the frog by the note, by the, by the line tie up front on these little hook hangers there. You actually hang the frogs vertically in there. You can pop them in. You can put all sorts of frogs. I can put all my popping frogs on here. For example, walking frogs, walking frog juniors, kicking frogs, those style frogs. You can put them all in there and you can easily access them and you're not damaging the frogs and they're much more organized and the frog legs hang straight down. You don't get all messed up being jammed inside of a traditional box there.

So here are three tackle solutions that we've talked about a lot this year so far already. Some new ideas for a rig storage that we've come across. Ways to store some of your swim baits or bigger bulkier bait items like that and frogs. So check out all this stuff on the site now and have a great season on the water.