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Hard Body Swimbaits Fishing

Hard body swimbaits are large baits designed to imitate hurt bait fish. They often come in larger sizes than your traditional crankbaits and are a great option if you are looking for big bites. These can also be called glide baits because of their gliding action in the water. Bigger gear and heavier line are needed to fish this bait because of the larger size.

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  1. OwnerOwner ST-36 Treble Hook

    Owner ST-36 Treble Hook

    $8.49 – 9.49

  2. DaiwaDaiwa Samurai Braided Line

    Daiwa Samurai Braided Line

    $27.99 – 32.99

  3. StrenStren Original Monofilament

    Stren Original Monofilament

    $7.99 – 8.99

  4. SunlineSunline New Shooter Fluorocarbon

    Sunline New Shooter Fluorocarbon

    $35.99 – 139.99

  5. P-LineP-Line Tactical Fluorocarbon

    P-Line Tactical Fluorocarbon

    $20.99 – 31.99

  6. DaiwaDaiwa J-Braid Grand x8

    Daiwa J-Braid Grand x8

    $19.99 – 29.99

  7. BerkleyBerkley Fluoroshield

    Berkley Fluoroshield

    $9.99 – 11.99

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