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Frogs/Toads are meant to imitate exactly what they are called. The difference between the two is the design of the bait. Frogs are often hollow bodied baits that float and are meant to be worked on the surface, either around vegetation or in the middle of it. Toads are a soft plastic that can be texas rigged and retrieved near the top of the surface or as a trailer on the back of a buzz bait. Both baits are meant to cause hard strikes by fish that are actively feeding.

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  1. ZManZMan Goat ToadZ

    ZMan Goat ToadZ


  2. YumYum Tip Toad

    Yum Tip Toad


  3. SPROSPRO Flappin Frog 65

    SPRO Flappin Frog 65


  4. ZManZMan Pop ShadZ

    ZMan Pop ShadZ


  5. ZoomZoom Horny Toad

    Zoom Horny Toad


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