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MN (Anoka, Ramsey, Washington)

Bald Eagle Lake

SEASON: Spawn (Current)
SPECIES: Largemouth Bass

Relevant Gear for Bald Eagle Lake Spawn Largemouth Bass Fishing

Spawn Largemouth Bass Fishing Reports

We have no Fishing Reports for Spawn Largemouth Bass yet.

Other Season Fishing Reports

  • Reported by Mitch Bradshaw

    Went out for a late afternoon/evening session. We found a few bass in the shallow Milfoil (4-6fow) flipping Texas rigged baits. However, our larger fish came on Frogs in the... Read More

    Season: Summer

    Structure: Lilipads

    Species: Largemouth Bass

    Technique: Frogs/Toads

    Terminator Walking Frog 2 1/2" / White Camo

    Walking Frog 2 1/2" / White Camo


  • Reported by Matt Traxler

    Season: Summer

    Structure: Points

    Species: Largemouth Bass

    Technique: Swim Jigs

  • Reported by Josh S

    Throwing jigs/swim jigs along structure like docks during the heat of the summer (banging docks as they say). Yields some great results.

    Season: Summer

    Structure: Docks

    Species: Largemouth Bass

    Technique: Swim Jigs

  • Reported by Mark Sanders

    Found lots of buck bass in the reeds that were after dark colored Zoom Magnum UV Speed Worm. I found bigger fish by moving outside the first old weedline (7-10’)... Read More

    Season: Pre-Spawn

    Structure: Submerged Vegetation

    Species: Largemouth Bass

    Technique: Deep Diving Crankbaits (13'+)

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