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Lake Mohave (AZ, NV)Fishing Reports

17 Fishing Reports


Largemouth Bass1


Spring (Current)1

Lake Mohave Fishing Reports for Spring Largemouth Bass

17 Reports on Lake Mohave

1 Report for Largemouth Bass + Spring

  • Omnia Community Member

    Bronze Ambassador

    • Season

      Spring (Spawn)

    • Species

      Largemouth Bass

    • Technique

      Finesse Jigs

    • Structure

      Brush Piles

    Recommended gear for Lake Mohave, AZ, NV

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  • Matt Luna

    Blue Ambassador

    • Season


    • Species

      Largemouth Bass

    • Technique

      Deep Diving Crankbaits (13'+)

    • Structure

      Rock Pile

    Fishing Report for Largemouth Bass using Deep Diving Crankbaits (13'+) in Summer (Rock Pile)

    Lake Mohave has super clear water. Visibility can be over 20 feet in some areas. I fished in the afternoon and was able to find fish with a 6th Sense Cloud 9 C10 Bluegill Spawn crankbait. The... Read More

    Matt recommended this gear for Lake Mohave, AZ, NV

  • BigDan

    Bronze Ambassador

    • Season

      Spring (Post-Spawn)

    • Species

      Panfish / Bluegill

    • Technique

      Finesse Hair Jigs

    • Structure


    Fishing Report for Panfish / Bluegill using Finesse Hair Jigs in Spring (Post-Spawn) (Reeds)

    I use a Pumpkin Seed or white minnow trailer & crush the panfish & crappie.

    Daniel recommended this gear for Lake Mohave, AZ, NV

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