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Kipp's Guide for Fall Fishing Gear

Top Fall Clothing

Simms Half-Finger Wool Glove

I'm particularly fond of the Simms Half Finger Wool Glove, especially during the fall season. What I appreciate the most is its material, as it's designed using wool, which is known for its moisture-wicking capabilities and is excellent for keeping you warm when the weather gets chilly. I find its half-finger design very handy because it lets you use your fingertips for various activities like checking your phone, capturing photos of your latest catch, adjusting baits, retying, or tweaking your reels. It's composed of a blend of 30% lambswool and 70% nylon which makes it stretchy and comfortable. These gloves are a constant companion whenever I'm out on the boat in low temperatures.

Simms Wool Half-Finger Glove

Small/Medium / Steel

Color: Steel

Size: Small/Medium

Stock: 5+


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Simms Fall Run Insulated Vest

I'm a big fan of the Simms Fall Run Insulated Vest. It utilizes Primaloft technology and is constructed from 100% recycled material. What's great is that a vest keeps your core warm during the fall. Personally, I prioritize having arm mobility, something that often gets compromised in jackets. So for me, the ideal fall attire involves wearing a flannel underneath this vest, ensuring both warmth and the unrestrictive arm movement that I need. This vest allows me to make long, precise casts and smoothly navigate around the boat.

Simms Fall Run Insulated Vest - EOL

Medium / Black

Color: Black

Dark Stone
Size: Medium

Stock: 0


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Simms Heavyweight Base Layer Bottom

For fall weather, I genuinely recommend keeping a good pair of base layer pants, like the Simms Heavyweight Base Layer Bottoms at hand. The beauty of these pants is their year-round usability: they're suitable to start wearing now, providing comfort and warmth, and as you transition into late fall or even winter, pairing them with a set of bibs ensures you'll stay warm in the coldest weather. Just to add a bit more, these base layer pants comprise 96% polyester and 4% elastic, which makes them stretchy and form-fitting, enhancing your comfort while you're on the water.

Simms Heavyweight Baselayer Bottom

X-Large / Black

Color: Black

Size: X-Large

Stock: 1

SALE $49.99Original Price:$89.95Save $39.96

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Top Fall Baits

Vision 110+1 Jerkbait

For your fall fishing sessions, my number one lure recommendation would be a jerkbait, specifically the Megabass Vision 110+1, although the standard 110 could also work depending on the water depth you're dealing with. The Megabass is a bona fide game changer for me during fall, as it's among the few jerkbaits available that genuinely suspends well in cold temperatures. Its exceptional 3D eyes, exquisite paint schemes, and the proven out-barb treble hooks make it stand out from other options in the jerkbait category. With the advent of forward-facing sonar, a jerkbait can be fished year round, however the Vision 110 excels in the cold water months.

Megabass Ito Vision 110+1 Jerkbait

French Pearl OB / 4 1/3"

Color: French Pearl OB

Aka Tora
Elegy Bone
French Pearl OB
French Pearl US
GG Dark Night Red
GG Deadly Black Shad
GLXS Spawn Cherry
GP Pro Blue
GP Pro Blue II
GP Pro Perch
GP Sexy Shad
GP Stain Reaction
GP Stain Reaction OB
HT ITO Tennessee Shad
HT ITO Wakasagi
M Shad
MB Gizzard
Mat Shad
MG Vegetation Reactor
Northern Secret
Ozark Shad
Red Head
Sexy French Pearl
Table Rock SP
Wakin Reaction
Size: 4 1/3"

Stock: 5+


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Z-Man Jack Hammer Chatterbait

In the early stages of fall, another lure I'd be sure to have with me is the Jack Hammer from Z-Man. Despite there being a whole array of chatterbaits on the market, Z-Man takes the lead for me, largely due to its superior hook. It also comes with a wire-tied skirt, one of the best snaps, and some great color schemes. This fall, the Jack Hammer played a key role in several largemouth focused outings, especially up shallow with water temperatures around 65 degrees.  The Jack Hammer is one of the most productive lures for me in the fall and is certainly something I will always have on the deck of the boat.

Z-Man Jack Hammer Chatterbait

3/8 oz / Black/Blue

Color: Black/Blue

Blueback Herring
Bhite Delight
Bretts Bluegill
Bruised Green Pumpkin
Chartreuse White
Clearwater Shad
Dirty White
Fire Craw
Fire Craw Orange Blade
Ghost Baby Gill
Golden Shiner
Green Pumpkin
Green Pumpkin Shad
Green Shad
Hites Hot Craw
Spot Remover
Weight: 3/8 oz

Stock: 5+


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Hog Farmer Bait Company Minnesota Rig

Finally, I want to highlight the Minnesota rig from Hog Farmer. If you haven't tried using an A Rig during fall, I strongly recommend you do, especially if you're fishing for smallmouth. What makes it so effective is its ability to mimic a school of baitfish, which is what the fish are actively preying on as they feed up for winter. In terms of specific locations, the A Rig has proven effective here in Minnesota on Mille Lacs, particularly the version with gold blades. Every fall, without exception, this rig consistently delivers and helps me haul in a significant number of large smallmouth bass onto the boat.

Blades: Chartreuse Willow
Weight: 1 oz

Stock: 3


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