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Soft Baits

Without a doubt, the options of soft baits that are available to an angler are nearly endless, with variations in the shape, size, color, and material of the plastic. It’s important to consider the species of fish you’ll be chasing, since certain styles of soft baits were specifically designed with different species in mind, The Omnia Relevant Tackle Filter takes a multitude of factors into account and optimize your soft bait selection for your specific lake.

For example, plastic leeches and minnows work best for walleye,  while jumbo swimbaits work best for pike, muskie and bass. By matching the soft bait...

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  1. Optimum BaitsOptimum Baits Baby Line Thru Swimbait

    Baby Line Thru Swimbait

    $6.99 – 9.99

  2. YumYum Tip Toad

    Tip Toad


  3. YumYum Thump'N Dinger

    Thump'N Dinger


  4. Kalin'sKalin's Mogambo Grub

    Mogambo Grub


  5. DepsDeps Bull Flat

    Bull Flat

    $10.99 – 11.99

  6. YumYum Dinger Worm 5" - Bulk Pack

    Dinger Worm 5" - Bulk Pack

    $10.29 – 26.29

  7. JackallJackall Bounty Fish 158

    Bounty Fish 158


  8. JackallJackall Rhythm Wave

    Rhythm Wave


  9. 10000 Fish10000 Fish Sukoshi Bug

    Sukoshi Bug


  10. SproSpro Flappin Frog 65

    Flappin Frog 65


  11. ClamClam Maki Plastics Mino

    Maki Plastics Mino


  12. ClamClam Maki Plastics Maki

    Maki Plastics Maki


  13. Uncle JoshUncle Josh Pork Frog

    Pork Frog


  14. ZoomZoom Mag Super Fluke

    Mag Super Fluke


  15. ZoomZoom U-Tale Worm

    U-Tale Worm


  16. BerkleyBerkley PowerBait Gilly

    PowerBait Gilly

    $7.99 – 8.99

  17. BerkleyBerkley PowerBait Agent E

    PowerBait Agent E

    $6.99 – 8.99