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Bladed Jig

Commonly called the bladed jig, this bait is known for its versatility and ability to catch fish anywhere. The bladed jig can be used in clear or dirty water and is effective with all forage types. Matching the color of the bait with the appropriate forage species will surely produce bites. For example, if your fish are feeding on shad then a white or silver bait will be the ticket, whereas if fish are feeding on bluegill or perch, green pumpkin and greenish hues will be the best choices.  

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  1. Largo Shad


    Largo Shad

    23 Fishing Reports


  2. Project Z Chatterbait Weedless
    Blueback Herring
    Breaking Bream
    Chartreuse Sexy Shad
    Dark Green Pumpkin
    Pearl Ghost


    Project Z Chatterbait Weedless

    10 Fishing Reports


  3. Project Z Chatterbait


    Project Z Chatterbait

    25 Fishing Reports


  4. EZ Swimmer Swimbait

    Gambler Lures

    EZ Swimmer Swimbait

    22 Fishing Reports


  5. Skinny Dipper

    Reaction Innovations

    Skinny Dipper

    30 Fishing Reports


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