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Lake of the Woods Fishing Report – October 10, 2023

On the south end… Good numbers of walleyes are being caught, but you have to find them! Some reports are just okay, scratching out a limit. Others are putting good numbers in the boat.

It’s good fishing right now. Fall is a season of transition. Once you find them, things normally work out. Shiners are running up the river and into some bays. Walleyes are starting to show up in their traditional fall spots, in some cases.

With the unseasonably warm weather, spinners and crankbaits are still working well. Anglers choosing to jig are reporting good action as well.

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Trolling lead core line with crankbaits between Zippel Bay and Morris Point in 28′ has been productive as of late. When these fish get more congregated, jigging will be a fun way to catch them.

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A good number of charters are still running north. Pulling spinners and jigging have both produced.

A mixed bag for most anglers. Some big crappies are in the mix this year, often over 14 inches. Pike, smallmouth bass and perch are active as well.

On the Rainy River… Shiners continue to run in the Rainy River. Millions of these shiny silver fish are on the move and showing up under lights at the end of resort docks.

Fishing reports on the river are mixed, some anglers super happy with nice fish, others reporting catching a lot of small fish. The heavy run hasn’t happened yet and fish are moving through chasing shiners. The anticipation is that fishing will only get better as October plays out, it normally does.

Two methods are catching most of the walleyes. Trolling crankbaits to cover water and jigging when fish are more concentrated or swimming through.

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Walleyes continue to be caught in Four Mile Bay, around Baudette, the airport and of course, other go to spots along the way and upstream as well. So many spots to fish and the fish are usually moving.

Some good sturgeon being caught this week. Many were caught from unsuspecting walleye anglers. As the saying goes, “Ya never know what you will catch on Lake of the Woods and Rainy River.”

Smallmouth bass have also been active. The river boasts a very nice population of bass that don’t receive much attention.

Up at the NW Angle… Walleye fishing up at the Angle is strong right now. Many anglers slide over the border while others prefer to fish MN waters. Both are good.

A reminder, anglers and boaters are allowed to boat from the U.S. into Canada waters without clearing customs as long as they don’t touch land, a dock, anchor, moor or exchange goods or services. Also, no bait allowed from the U.S. into Canada. Live, dead, frozen, etc all cannot be transported across. Most using plastics. Another option is to purchase bait once across into Canada.

This time of year, when you find them, it normally goes well. A few guides reporting 100+ fish days for walleyes.

Walleyes are hanging out on points, reefs, flats and neck down areas with current in 17 – 22 feet. They are being caught jigging primarily, but those trolling spinners or crankbaits are doing well too.

Fall is known as a great season for pike, crappies and muskies. The tradition is holding true with good fish being caught.