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Sturgeon Fishing Tackle

Although the Sturgeon is one of the largest fish in freshwater, they are one of the least aggressive. These fish can be found sitting on the bottom of lakes and rivers eating worms, leeches, and minnows. Anglers looking to target Sturgeon normally use multiple nightcrawlers threaded onto a hook. One important tip for Sturgeon fishing is that because these fish tend to sit very close to the bottom, using a heavy egg sinker will keep your bait on the bottom. 

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  1. OwnerOwner Welded Quick Snap

    Welded Quick Snap


  2. OwnerOwner All Purpose Snap

    All Purpose Snap


  3. OwnerOwner Jungle Wide Gap Hook

    Jungle Wide Gap Hook

    $5.19 – 6.99$6.99

  4. OwnerOwner Double Toad Hook

    Double Toad Hook


  5. GamakatsuGamakatsu Gika Rig

    Gika Rig


  6. GamakatsuGamakatsu Superline EWG Hook

    Superline EWG Hook

    $4.49 – 22.99

  7. OwnerOwner Twistlock Open Gap

    Twistlock Open Gap

    $4.79 – 5.29

  8. OwnerOwner Mosquito Hook

    Mosquito Hook


  9. MustadMustad KVD Grip Pin Soft Plastic Hook

    KVD Grip Pin Soft Plastic Hook

    $6.99 – 7.29

  10. Bullet WeightsBullet Weights No Roll Sinker

    No Roll Sinker

    $5.29 – 6.49

  11. VMCVMC Duolock Snap

    Duolock Snap


  12. VMCVMC Duolock Snap Swivel

    Duolock Snap Swivel


  13. Quick ChangeQuick Change Soft Beads

    Soft Beads


  14. Quick ChangeQuick Change Beads



  15. VMCVMC Wide Gap Hook

    Wide Gap Hook


  16. VMCVMC Spindrift Hook

    Spindrift Hook


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