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Inline Spinners

The inline spinner is the original version of a spinner bait and comes in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors. Because of these variations, the inline spinner can be used to target all species of fish. The smaller, lightweight spinners are great for springtime crappies and the larger sized spinners can be used for bass and musky. 

  1. MeppsMepps Musky Marabou

    Musky Marabou


  2. Blue FoxBLUE FOX Classic Vibrax

    Classic Vibrax

    $4.29 – 4.99

  3. MeppsMepps Basser Kit

    Basser Kit


  4. MeppsMepps Walleye Kit

    Walleye Kit


  5. MeppsMepps Panfisher Kit

    Panfisher Kit


  6. MeppsMepps Hot Trouter Kit

    Hot Trouter Kit


  7. MeppsMepps Aglia


    $3.79 – 4.29

  8. MeppsMepps Dress Aglia

    Dress Aglia

    $3.59 – 5.99$4.79