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How to Choose the Hook Size for a Swimbait

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The Owner Flashy Swimmer and Keitech Fat Swing Impact are a perfect match but there's so many variations that picking the right sizes together can be hard. Pete has you covered when you're picking.

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Video Transcription

Owner Flashy Swimmer, one of the most popular products on period. It's one of our most popular terminal families on the entire site and usually it gets paired up with our most popular soft plastic on the site and that is the family of Keitech swimbaits. So we're going to run you down through the entire family of Keitechs and the Fat Swing Impact, our most popular family in Keitech and what size owner Flashy Swimmer's go with it.

You can run my choices at 10/0 if you go to these big giant 6.8 inch Keitech's. But if you're fishing someplace really cool the places that I don't ever get to fish with like 13 pounders and stuff and you got big giant equipment you can get a 12/0 in this thing we were messing with them before. And so you have your choice there with 10/0 or 12/0 depending on the fishery you're fishing or the type of equipment you're running.

Next up is that 5.8 inch this is a little bit more my speed right here and you can go with that 8/0 fits inside this one just fine. I run that 8/0 hook in here and it's perfect straight braiders if you want to throw for pike up in Canada if you're fishing multi species this is a great bait for a lot of different applications.

Then you go to the 4.3 now we're getting the most popular sizes of the Keitech's. This is a 6/0 in here it's a little tight in there as you can see but it does work. If you want that hook as far back as you possibly can get it which a lot of people do you can get a 6/0 in this 4.3. I however prefer to have the 5/0 in there but as you can see a lot of people want that hook as far back as they can get it so you can run a 6/0 in the 4.3.

Most popular size we sell of the Keitech is the 3.8 inch here and this has a 3/0 in it and it's just about perfect that 3/0 hook inside there. It is a perfect little swim bait hook for one of the most popular finesse-y style swimbaits and this ups your game with this to being a little bit more of a power fishing bait. Now you got that blade that added flash you got a keeled weight on there so you can fish it a lot faster and you traditionally can fish a boot tail it won't roll out on you or anything like that so check out that size hook the 3/0 for your 3.8 Keitech's.

And then if you're fishing the really small ones they do make a 1/0 like this is a 3.3 or a 2.8 Keitech here you can fish this little 1/0 in there typically most people go with a jig head when they get this small but if you want to try something a little different you add a bunch of flash to your little tiny finesse packages there maybe you're fishing somewhere with smaller fish in it like spotted bass fisheries or even some really finicky smallmouth or something like that you can try that 1/0 in there but those are the hook sizes that match up with the particular Keitech families here and since they went together so well we figured we'd show you give you a little bit of a library on what to choose when you're picking out your Keitech's and your Owner Flashy Swimmers. (light electronic music)