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Omnia Fishing

Soft Body Swimbaits (Small/Medium)

Small to medium soft bodied swimbaits are a great choice for a realistic presentation in clear water. Pairing these with a jig head of your choice will give you the diving depth you want. The great thing about a swimbait is their ease of use. The tails are designed to give the bait a realistic thumping motion as you reel it, making it look like a bait fish swimming by.

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  1. Hybrid Swimbait Jig Head
    Best Seller


    Hybrid Swimbait Jig Head

    49 Fishing Reports


  2. J-Braid Grand x8
    Dark Green


    J-Braid Grand x8

    51 Fishing Reports

  3. Neon Moon Eye Jig


    Neon Moon Eye Jig

    135 Fishing Reports

    $5.29 – $7.99

  4. Centering Pin Spring
    Best Seller


    Centering Pin Spring

    9 Fishing Reports


  5. Swimbait Hook

    Woo! Tungsten

    Swimbait Hook

    8 Fishing Reports

    $7.99 – $8.49

  6. EZ Swimmer Swimbait

    Gambler Lures

    EZ Swimmer Swimbait

    29 Fishing Reports


  7. Skinny Dipper

    Reaction Innovations

    Skinny Dipper

    30 Fishing Reports


  8. Tactical Bassin' Underspin
    Blue Shad
    Gizzard Shad
    Naked Shad
    Tennessee Shad

    Dirty Jigs

    Tactical Bassin' Underspin

    5 Fishing Reports


  9. Rig Jig Head
    Pearl White


    Rig Jig Head

    25 Fishing Reports


  10. B5 Line Thru Swimbait

    Big Bite Baits

    B5 Line Thru Swimbait

    2 Fishing Reports


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