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Owner Hooks are the highest quality hook on the market, nothing less than perfection is allowed to leave the factory. Using the best materials and never settling is what Owner strives for, after all, the hook is the most vital part of landing fish. With the latest advancements in technology such as Zo Wire construction and Super Needle Point, these hooks are the sharpest and strongest in the industry. 


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  1. OwnerOwner ST-36 Treble Hook

    Owner ST-36 Treble Hook

    $8.49 – 9.49

  2. OwnerOwner Beast Hook

    Owner Beast Hook


  3. OwnerOwner Twistlock Open Gap

    Owner Twistlock Open Gap

    $4.79 – 5.29

  4. OwnerOwner Weighted Twistlock

    Owner Weighted Twistlock

    $4.79 – 5.49

  5. OwnerOwner Twistlock Light

    Owner Twistlock Light

    $4.29 – 4.99

  6. OwnerOwner Flashy Swimmer

    Owner Flashy Swimmer

    $4.99 – 13.99

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