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Jason Christie Lew's Hypermag Breakdown

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Our usual pros love their Daiwa reels and we wanted to find out other anglers' thoughts on some other reels and Jason Christie loves his Lew's reels. Watch and find out what he likes about them!

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Video Transcription

Hey guys, Jason Christie here at Elite Series Pro. And I want to give you a rundown of the Lew's Hyper Mag. This is a reel that I've used now for five, four, five, six years. And the reason that I really, really like this reel is because the main reason is comfort. Whenever you're out looking for reels or whatever, obviously you want something that's durable, versatile. But for me, it's comfort. How it fits my hand. You look, this is how I hold it. I'm able to put my hand almost all the way around. It's a smaller profile. And in that, it gives me more control of the bait. When I'm working the bait, it gives me more control when I'm fighting a fish. But here's the thing about this reel is I can throw a tube on it. I can throw a jerk bait. With the dial over here on the side, the magnetic dial, I may throw a half ounce bait. And the next cast tie one on that is lighter. You can adjust it right there and be able to cast it. It's strong. It's a reel that I can flip with. I'm not scared to put 25 lb. on it and jerk them out of the grass. The drag on it is key. A lot of times we're out there and you're throwing a jerkbait or a crankbait or something like that. And you need that drag just right. The drag on this reel, you're not going to break a fish off or anything whenever he runs at the boat. I like a bigger handle. With bigger knobs, that way I almost feel like I can winch them as opposed to just reeling. Has a wide spool. So it's going to hold a lot of line. If you're using a reel that has a narrower spool, which is fine, you're going to lose a lot of your gear ratio when you make a long cast out there. You may be using a 7.5:1. When you make that long cast, you just went down to a 6.8:1 or something like that. So I like one that holds a lot of line that way. I keep that gear ratio on the reel that I'm using. But just a great reel, durable. Some of the reels that I have in this box are the originals that I got five years ago. So just a great all-around reel. [MUSIC PLAYING]