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Baitcaster Reels

Casting reels are designed to be paired with a casting rod. These reels tend to be a faster gear ratio and also incorporate a stronger, more powerful drag system. The stronger drag system is needed to handle the heavier line that casting reels are often equipped with. Casting reels are recommended to be used with more “power fishing” techniques such as frogging or crankbaiting. 

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  1. Abu GarciaAbu Garcia Revo SX Casting Reel

    Revo SX Casting Reel


  2. ShimanoShimano SLX Casting Reel

    SLX Casting Reel


  3. Abu GarciaAbu Garcia Revo STX Casting Reel

    Revo STX Casting Reel


  4. Abu GarciaAbu Garcia Revo Rocket Casting Reel

    Revo Rocket Casting Reel


  5. Abu GarciaAbu Garcia Revo X Casting Reel

    Revo X Casting Reel


  6. Abu GarciaAbu Garcia Revo S Casting Reel

    Revo S Casting Reel


  7. DaiwaDaiwa Lexa Type-WN Casting Reels

    Lexa Type-WN Casting Reels

    $199.99 – 249.99