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Bobby Garland

Bobby Garland is one of the best and most respected manufacturers of soft plastic crappie and panfish baits around. They make their products using the finest soft plastic injection molding and salt-impregnation equipment in the industry, meaning their baits are more consistent in shape and color than your average panfish soft plastic. Which, in turn, means you as the angler can rely on Bobby Garland to produce confidence baits you can count on every outing.  

Bobby Garland

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  1. 2" Baby Shad

    Bobby Garland

    2" Baby Shad

    119 Fishing Reports


  2. Mo'Glo Jighead

    Bobby Garland

    Mo'Glo Jighead

    16 Fishing Reports


  3. Baby Shad Swim'r
    Bleeding Shad
    Electric Chicken
    Full Moon
    Live Minnow
    Pearl White

    Bobby Garland

    Baby Shad Swim'r

    45 Fishing Reports


  4. Itty Bit Jighead

    Bobby Garland

    Itty Bit Jighead

    6 Fishing Reports


  5. Slab Slay'R
    Black/Chartreuse Silver
    Black/Hot Pink
    Bone White/Chartreuse
    Electric Chicken Laminate

    Bobby Garland

    Slab Slay'R

    14 Fishing Reports


  6. Crappie Shooter
    Black/Hot Pink
    Electric Chicken
    Lights Out
    Live Minnow
    Threadfin Shad

    Bobby Garland

    Crappie Shooter

    8 Fishing Reports