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Fitzgerald Fishing

Founded in 2010 by Trevor & Sonia Fitzgerald, Fitzgerald Rods quickly became the preferred rod for guys frogging and flipping. Fitzgerald Rods became the brand that you used if you needed a rod that could withstand heavy-duty use and abuse. The fact that Trevor Fitzgerald won the Bassmaster Open on Lake Seminole in 2010 and Rich Howes won the Bassmaster Open in 2013 on Lake Toho both while using the flipping technique proved that The Fitzgerald Brand was more than just another rod offered on the market. 
In 2014 Fitzgerald Fishing, LLC was born and that is when things really got serious for The Fitzgerald brand. Soon after that Bryan Thrift joined The Fitzgerald Team and The Bryan Thrift Signature Series of rods started to come to life. After months of designing and testing The Thrift Series was perfected and brought to market for consumers to purchase. Unlike many signature series rods from other brands, these are the actual rods that Bryan Thrift uses while competing at the highest level of bass fishing. Around that same time frame, the Titan HD Series hit the market and still to this day is a standalone flipping and pitching rod with nothing else like it on the market. It is the rod that Bassmaster Pros and FLW Pros sponsored by other rod companies secretly use while flipping and pitching.