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Gene Larew


The original Salt Craw made us famous, and now Gene Larew Lures offers a full line of products - including Bobby Garland Crappie Baits - to meet every angler's needs. Gene Larew patented the salt impregnation process, so when we say "salt," we're not talking about shaking some in a bag of baits for anglers to see and calling it good. We cook it right in, where it stays for fish to actually taste. That's why salt is added in the first place, for fish to taste, causing them to hang on longer. While salt in the bags might be good at catching fishermen, we'd rather our baits be known for catching fish.

Gene Larew

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  1. Biffle Bug

    Gene Larew

    Biffle Bug

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  2. Hammer Craw
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    Bama Bug
    Bone White Silver
    Green Pumpkin Blue
    Sooner Run

    Gene Larew

    Hammer Craw

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