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Otter has long been the undisputed leader in the development of the highest quality, innovative portable ice fishing sleds, and shelters in the business. A full range of portable shelters, from the toasty warm Xtreme Thermal XT PRO X-OVER Series to the perennially popular XT X-OVER Series in Cottage, Cabin, Lodge and Resort models provide frozen water fishermen with the ultimate in comfort, portability, and organization on ice.
At Otter, we believe that an exceptional sled requires a superior manufacturing process. That’s why we Roto-Mold every Otter Pro, Otter Sport, and Otter XT Sled. Unlike other plastic molding processes like Thermoforming and Blow Molding, which are commonly used in our competitor’s products, Roto-Molding results in a much more durable sled with seamless parts and uniform wall thickness.
Our process also distributes more material in the corners to absorb shocks and stresses where they occur most. Since the material isn’t stressed during production, as in thermoforming or pressure-forming, the finished part is stronger and more reliable. At Otter, it’s not just another sled, it’s our reputation!