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Vanguard Tackle

Vanguard Tackle is a leader in terminal tackle and fishing accessories. Regardless of where, how, and what you fish for, we carefully design fishing products that meet the needs of every angler. Our mission is simple: create quality and trusted tackle that allows you to concentrate on the catch of a lifetime. Trust Vanguard. the frontline of fishing tackle.

Vanguard Tackle

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Terminal (21)
Accessories (4)
  1. Slip Float Bobbers

    Vanguard Tackle

    Slip Float Bobbers

    6 Fishing Reports


  2. Barrel Swivel

    Vanguard Tackle

    Barrel Swivel

    4 Fishing Reports


  3. Crane Swivel

    Vanguard Tackle

    Crane Swivel

    1 Fishing Report


  4. Swivel Snap

    Vanguard Tackle

    Swivel Snap

    1 Fishing Report


  5. Egg Sinkers

    Vanguard Tackle

    Egg Sinkers

    9 Fishing Reports