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Voss Weights

Bob and Chad Voss began fishing tournaments together in the year 2000. While fishing various circuits in California, Nevada, and Arizona, they noticed some anglers using pliers to bend straight weights in order to reduce the chances of snagging structure below. Flash forward eight years to 2008 and Voss Weights was born from this tradition of fishing and observation, with Bob as the inventor and Chad handling the sales and marketing of the product. After patenting the first-ever "curved" lead fishing weight, Voss Weights used this design for all techniques of fishing, creating the "Triple Swivel", "Slip Style" and Voss Weight TM Drop Shot. At Voss Weights, we strive to design and produce the highest quality fishing weights for all types of fishing at the best prices. We hope that with these weights, YOU can start or continue your own family tradition of fishing.