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Spinner Rigs

Spinner Rigs come in a variety of options and sizes or can be easily tied custom for a variety of situations. Single hook versions are common for situations when using minnow or leech. Two hook version when using a crawler. For best results fish while bottom fishing use a bottom bouncer - in 10 ft use a 1 oz bottom bouncer, add ½ oz for each 5 ft. For open water trolling it’s best to use a keel weight. 

  1. Quick ChangeQuick Change Spinner Snells

    Spinner Snells

    $3.09 – 6.39

  2. Quick ChangeQuick Change Crawlers Harness

    Crawlers Harness

    $1.29 – 1.99$1.99

  3. Quick ChangeQuick Change Fish Candy Spinner Rig

    Fish Candy Spinner Rig

    $1.49 – 2.29$2.29

  4. Quick ChangeQuick Change Quick Death Spinner Rig

    Quick Death Spinner Rig

    $1.49 – 2.29$2.29