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From fishing a topwater buzzbait to working a spinnerbait for aggressive bass, pike and muskie, getting fish in the boat under a wide range of conditions takes a strategic approach. Topwater buzzbaits and spinnerbaits can work in open water or in situations where fish are holding close to cover. Depending on the targeted species, depth of the species during the season, water clarity and time of year, slight variations in these types of baits will improve the odds of catching fish.

Options include single, double, and multi-blades to best mimic fleeing baitfish or generate a significant amount of flash in the...

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  1. Strike KingStrike King Burner Spinnerbait

    Burner Spinnerbait

    $6.89 – 7.49

  2. BooyahBooyah Buzz Buzzbait

    Buzz Buzzbait


  3. ZManZMan SlingBladeZ Double Willow

    SlingBladeZ Double Willow

    $7.99 – 8.99

  4. War EagleWar Eagle Buzzbaits



  5. MeppsMepps Musky Marabou

    Musky Marabou