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Just Landed: Rapala ICAST 2023 Releases

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All the Rapala releases from this year's ICAST are here now and we can't wait to get these out on the water!

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Video Transcription

What's up everybody back with some more new ICAST release products that have landed here at Omnia Fishing. As you all know, Rapala had a huge ICAST this year. Tons and tons of new releases, which was fresh to see. And a tough tackle cycle out there for a lot of manufacturers. Rapala is just stepping on the gas and kicking out a whole bunch of new stuff. Crush City landed with a huge bang and it went off pretty good. A lot of people are using those baits and liking those baits and ordering more of those baits. So if you haven't checked out the Crush City stuff, that's all here. We've got lots of content built around Crush City already for you guys to check out. The Mavrik as well, that jerkbait is an ever-growing arsenal of jerkbaits from Rapala. That one already is being received as the best jerkbait they've made to date. So go check out those Mavriks if you haven't already. But here's a whole bunch of stuff I definitely don't want to find under the radar. Because some of them are actually a couple of them are actually my favorites of their ICAST releases this year. They are expanding on their SmartHub accessories. And this one here, the Line Spooler and the SmartHub thing. You guys got to check this one out already. Two or three of the employees that work here bought these and attached them to the inside of the decklids of their bass boats. This thing has received a ton of great praise already. With their SmartHub system, this can be mounted just about anywhere. Even your ice anglers can mount them in fish houses, all that. A lot of accessories from Rapala. Check out all that SmartHub stuff.

(Sufix) 832 color extension. Check out this stuff right here. This is like a pinkish purple kind of camo pattern. Great high vis color. Good option for all you anglers out there if you want to switch it out. I've personally just started recently putting different pound tests and different colors on my reels now that we have so many good options. 832 being our best-selling braided line. One of my favorites as well, if not my favorite. I have a bunch of different colors that I'm wearing a different pound test. It's easy for me to grab rods out of my rod locker or my garage, that I know are like finesse six pound and eight pound test braids versus your more power braids on a spinning rod like a 15 or even a 20 at times.

Next up would be the VMC finesse football jigs. This is a category that probably gets overlooked a ton and is a high volume thing for us here. These little finesse style football jigs do great with a whole bunch of different techniques. Not just fishing them like a football jig. A lot of people putting little swim baits on them and things like that. So good entry for VMC to get in this fight because this is a popular segment.

The next one I'm going to talk about here is something I got to fish with this summer actually on Mille Lacs with the guys from Rapala. Thank you for that invite guys. I had a blast. We caught a ton of fish while we were up there and probably the most impressive thing up there was this thing that was not that exciting when you get told about it on paper. That's a new ned head from VMC. Check this thing out. This is a Swingin' Ned Head. This actually has a VMC finesse neko hook in it but it's attached on a swivel but the hook eye is through a ring here on a swinging ned head. This thing has kind of a curve to the head, a cone to the head so no matter how it lands it's going to allow it to rock up with a buoyant plastic. And the plastic actually is free swinging. This thing was an absolute pinner when it came to hookups when we were up there on Mille Lacs. We had one guy just sitting in the chair the whole time hanging out, relaxing, just dragging a ned rig as we all were intensely fishing all the new baits. And he was picking them off left and right and everyone was drilled perfectly. Whoever came up with this idea, brilliant idea. I saw the value in it right away and it became something I was excited to add to my personal arsenal. I think these are going to be a big hit. I think this is going to be a growing and expanding line for them. I think this Swingin' Ned is a great idea.

Next up to forward facing sonar-ish baits. I don't know if that was exactly the intention but let's face it, that's what they're going to use for. You've got the new Magnum Jigging Rap. This was designed in conjunction with a whole bunch of not just bass pros, walleye pros, bunch of anglers that are utilizing their forward facing sonar. We know how popular the Jigging Rap is. It's one of the best fish catching tools that is on planet earth for multi-species. This is going to be making it even a better tool for a lot of us bass anglers. The profile is obviously a little bigger. It's a little heavier so it can be fished at more extreme depths and it's going to show up way better on forward facing sonar. This could be a big hit right here.

Next up is something near and dear to the Omnia crew's heart. I'm sure you guys make fun of us a little bit for how much we talk about blade baits. We do that a lot here because where we live it's cold and we have to fish with blade baits a lot. It's something we refined a lot and we do a lot of around here. I'm really jacked up to see that Rapala got in this game with some really cool finishes. Really nice looking blade baits.

Haven't tried them yet but I will soon. Lastly, we have the Tiny OG 7 here. This thing right here is a cool little bait . The tiny OG 7. Tiny little finesse crankbait, cold water crank bait. Perfect for those tough, tough situations where you're fishing shallow and you're covering water. That's a good bait there.

Next up is one, once again, another one near and dear to my heart. I've actually caught a bunch of fish on this already. This is the Shad Rap Elite. I've been talking about this thing for a long long time to our friends at Rapala about let's do some more versions of the Shad Rap . It's a fish catching tool. It's one of the greatest cold water crankbaits. In the history of mankind still remains to this day one of the best selling baits on planet earth. Like this one right here casts really well. The finishes on them are incredible . They have a little bit of different action than the traditional Shad Rap. So if you're a Shad Rap angler whether you're a troller, walleye guy casting, a bass guy, any species, just a Shad Rap angler in general, you're going to want to check this thing out. I caught a bunch of fish on this thing the one time I did get to use it.

So all this stuff is on the site now. There's even more stuff in this SmartHub system, I didn't find just yet. But it should be on the site by the time you see this video. So check out all the new releases from our friends at Rapala and VMC and go catch 'em. [Music]