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Ned Rigs

Anglers have been catching fish with a simple jig head and soft plastic for decades, but it wasn’t until recently that this common setup was given a set of guidelines and a name. The Ned Rig is named for Ned Kehde, who is known for catching absurd numbers of fish on a regular basis with this simple bait.

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  1. ZManZMan Football NedZ

    ZMan Football NedZ


  2. Woo! TungstenWOO! Tungsten Ned Head

    WOO! Tungsten Ned Head

    $7.19 – 8.99

  3. ZoomZoom Zlinky

    Zoom Zlinky


  4. YumYum Dinger Worm 5" - Bulk Pack

    Yum Dinger Worm 5" - Bulk Pack

    $10.29 – 26.29

  5. ZManZMan TRD BugZ

    ZMan TRD BugZ


  6. ZManZMan Punch CrawZ

    ZMan Punch CrawZ


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