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The Lindy Tackle Company was created in 1968 by members of the Nisswa Guides' League in the heart of Minnesota's Brainerd Lakes Area. Their goal was to market a revolutionary new walleye fishing product called the Lindy Rig, and they were obviously very successful. Lindy staffers turned the walleye scene on its ear by barnstorming upper Midwest walleye fisheries with demonstrations and seminars while selling thousands of the one-and-only Lindy Rig. This now-legendary rig was soon joined by other styles and versions with spinners, floats and other accessories.

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  1. LindyLindy Perch Talker

    Perch Talker


  2. LindyLindy Glow Spoon

    Glow Spoon


  3. LindyLindy Rattl'n Flyer Spoon

    Rattl'n Flyer Spoon


  4. LindyLindy Glow Streak

    Glow Streak

    $4.49 – 6.99$6.99

  5. LindyFloating Lindy Rig



  6. LindyLindy Rig



  7. LindyLindy Worm Blower

    Worm Blower


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