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Striker was initially started to fill the needs of snowmobile drivers in Minnesota, however it has since shifted to fill the needs of avid ice fishermen. Striker is an industry leader and is known to make the warmest and safest clothing. Not only is Striker’s clothing warm, but their bibs and jackets are the first of their kind to float. Ice fishing can be a dangerous sport, ice conditions can change on a day-to-day basis, and being prepared should be your first priority before hitting the ice. Go Early. Go Late. Go Prepared.


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  1. StrikerStriker Ice Predator Gloves

    Striker Ice Predator Gloves

    $55.99 – $79.99$79.99

  2. StrikerStriker Ice Climate Jacket

    Striker Ice Climate Jacket

    $223.99 – $329.99$319.99

  3. StrikerStriker Fusion Hoody

    Striker Fusion Hoody

    $55.99 – $79.99$79.99

  4. StrikerStriker Stealth Gloves

    Striker Stealth Gloves

    $35.99 – $44.99$44.99

  5. StrikerStriker Ice Predator Jacket

    Striker Ice Predator Jacket

    $188.99 – $269.99$269.99

  6. StrikerStriker Apex Bib

    Striker Apex Bib


  7. StrikerStriker Apex Jacket

    Striker Apex Jacket

    $314.99 – $449.99$449.99

  8. StrikerStriker Ice Climate Bib 2022

    Striker Ice Climate Bib 2022

    $209.99 – $299.99$299.99

  9. StrikerStriker Ice Attack Gloves

    Striker Ice Attack Gloves


  10. StrikerStriker Ice Women's Prism Bib

    Striker Ice Women's Prism Bib

    $229.99 – $259.99

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