I'm young and full of passion from Wisconsin! I enjoy the outdoors, whether it’s fishing, kayaking, playing sports, spending time with family, or enjoying my job. I started fishing 3 years ago and have been hooked! Sometimes I wonder if they are the big catch or if I am. I have been angling all sorts of fishes; learning new techniques as I go. I’m open to learning and teaching others. I'm outdoors four to five days a week and more. I record most of my fishing outings because I don't like to tell stories but rather show it to everyone.

Favorite Products



Mosinee Flowage Tackle

My go to baits when I fish Mosinee Flowage. I like to start off with whopper plopper working the shoreline then move to a Taxas Rigged 10" Worm.

Waterbodies: Mosinee Flowage


Big Bass Lake Tackle

This is what i specifically use at Big Bass Lake.

Waterbodies: Big Bass Lake