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Omnia Fishing

Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

Fluorocarbon is a clear, low-stretch line that allows anglers to get maximum casting distance, the best lifelike action, and achieve optimal running depths on their baits. Fluorocarbon is so clear that it becomes virtually invisible underwater, allowing you to tie directly to your lure without the risk of fish seeing your line. Also, it is a low-stretch line that provides excellent sensitivity without sacrificing abrasion resistance. 

For anglers fishing a technique that requires the zero-stretch quality of braid and also the invisibility of fluorocarbon, Omnia Fishing offers a variety of fluorocarbon lines that can be used as leader material when fishing braid to a leader for your chosen presentation. Some manufacturers make fluorocarbon line meant specifically to be leader material, but you will find that many of the most popular fluorocarbon lines also make for great braid to leader combinations. 

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