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Braid to Fluorocarbon Leader Fishing Line

Braided line is a formation of fibers that make a thinner line with a higher breaking point, and delivers unmatched sensitivity and longevity. When paired with the right fluorocarbon line as leader material, anglers will have the best of both worlds and can take advantage of all the features braided superlines have to offer, while utilizing the superior knot strength and underwater visibility of fluorocarbon line. 

For anglers looking how to choose the right braided line to fluorocarbon combinations, Omnia Fishing has curated some of our most popular braided lines (to be used as your primary line), paired with the optimal pound test fluorocarbon for a variety of fishing techniques. 

A braided line to fluorocarbon leader combination is incredibly popular and important to effectively fish several techniques, including but not limited to:

  • Wacky Rigs
  • Ned Rigs
  • Neko Rigs
  • Drop Shots
  • Grass Jigs
  • Swim Jigs, & more!