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The first thing many anglers do to prepare for a large fishing trip is to put new fishing line on their reels. Choosing the correct type of line to use can be a complex process. There are three main types of fishing line that an angler can select, which include monofilament, braid, and fluorocarbon. Each of these lines has a specific use.

In addition to considering bait presentation, target species, water clarity, and the line strength, it’s important to consider the line material itself and how it stretches or resists abrasion.

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  1. 131 Braided Line


    131 Braided Line

    45 Fishing Reports


  2. Super Slick V2


    Super Slick V2

    101 Fishing Reports

  3. SX1 Braided Line
    Deep Green
    Hi Vis Yellow


    SX1 Braided Line

    64 Fishing Reports


  4. X5 Braided Line


    X5 Braided Line

    48 Fishing Reports

  5. NanoBraid Line
    Aqua Camo
    Low-Vis Green


    NanoBraid Line

    4 Fishing Reports


  6. Stealth Braided Line


    Stealth Braided Line

    13 Fishing Reports


  7. Ultracast Braided Line


    Ultracast Braided Line

    4 Fishing Reports


  8. ProMix Braided Line


    ProMix Braided Line

    6 Fishing Reports