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Spinning Rods

Spinning rods are the preferred rod for walleye, panfish, and also finesse tactics for bass. Spinning rods are also the stepping stone that anglers use to step up into a more complex combo than a push button. These rods also tend to be a softer rod due to the fact that light line is usually being used. Just like casting rods, these rods are sensitive. 

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  1. Bass X Spinning Rods

    St. Croix

    Bass X Spinning Rods

    19 Fishing Reports


  2. Orochi XX Spinning Rods


    Orochi XX Spinning Rods

    7 Fishing Reports


  3. Fury Spinning Rods

    Dobyns Rods

    Fury Spinning Rods

    26 Fishing Reports


  4. Signature Series Spinning Rods


    Signature Series Spinning Rods

    20 Fishing Reports


  5. Tatula XT Spinning Rods


    Tatula XT Spinning Rods

    7 Fishing Reports


  6. Veritas PLX Spinning Rods

    Abu Garcia

    Veritas PLX Spinning Rods

    14 Fishing Reports