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Best Bobber Fishing Hook

Omnia collects thousands of detailed fishing reports from anglers across the country to power our local recommendations. Here are the top Hooks recommendations for using the Bobbers technique mentioned in fishing reports from anglers near you.

VMC Aberdeen Hook


Reported by
Sangamon Outdoors

Pug Hole Lake (MN)

We hit the mid lake reefs and worked all the way around the the lilipads. We moved west, then north and finally east. We slid the slip bobbers up and down. We used leaches, red worms, night crawlers, jigs, jigs tipped with crappie nibblers and jigs sprayed with attractant. Everything producted. We caught bluegill, pumpkinseed, crappie, largemouth bass and northern pike. After fishing hard for bass and musky on other lakes, a slow day of just catching panfish was great!

Reported by
Carson Kvernen

Lake Thirteen (MN)

Carson Kvernen reported catching Panfish / Bluegill using the Bobbers technique and VMC Aberdeen Hook on Lake Thirteen. Additional comments from this report: "Sight fishing gills in 8 ft of water, they are not finicky so pulling right over them works just fine mid summer. Mostly scattered on weed flats."

Reported by
Fat Zach

Lone Jack Lake (MO)

Fat Zach reported catching Panfish / Bluegill using the Bobbers technique and VMC Aberdeen Hook on Lone Jack Lake . Additional comments from this report: "Anywhere along the bank, just outside the vegetation line, a couple hours before sundown; that’s when the bluegill are feeding. Small hook, small bobber, live red worms from Walmart. The worms worked really well at Lone Jack Lake, the kids even reeled in a few Overall caught a dozen bluegill, two catfish, and three bass; checkout my other reports for the bass at this lake. Also my instagram for the land and release of the biggest fish in this outing, @fat_yakary Fish on y’all! "


#6 / Gold


#4 / Gold


#2 / Gold

Owner Walleye Bait Hook


Reported by
Wild Urban Adventures YouTube

Upper Prior Lake (MN)

Wild Urban Adventures YouTube reported catching Walleye using the Bobbers technique and Owner Walleye Bait Hook on Upper Prior Lake. Additional comments from this report: "Fishing for walleye is still good right now just as the sun is going down. Small window of opportunity for good walleye action. We fished from shore from boat launch areas soaking a fathead underneath a night led bobber. Plain hook or colored hooks with small split shot under a light bobber, around 2-3 feet under bobber. Cast bobber out and let sit for a few minutes. Give line a twitch every so often. Reel in any slack and kee line as tight as you can for when they bite, so you can set the hook on them. Might have to let them take the bobber for a few seconds before setting hook. They are very light biters, especially before and after their active moment during sun going down. Use the medium size fatheads, not the crappie minnows. "

Reported by
Tanner Raschke

Two Inlets Lake (MN)

Quick meat run after work. Set up in the basin and got my bobber poles out. 9-12" eaters were waiting and pretty willing to bite. There has been a lot of fishing pressure by the looks of the Swiss cheese ice out there. Very light bite and they would drop a minnow if they felt any bobber pressure. I cut my 3" foam bobbers down to just hold a split shot and a red hook with a glow bead. January 31st, no snow, 50 degrees out


#4 / Red

Gamakatsu Tournament Grade Wire Octopus Hook


Reported by
Jason Stegenga

Mille Lacs Lake (MN)

Jason Stegenga reported catching Walleye using the Bobbers technique and Gamakatsu Tournament Grade Wire Octopus Hook on Mille Lacs Lake. Additional comments from this report: "We were power fishing mud flats on the northeast end of the lake. Most fish were positioned right on the edge of the flats and would hit immediately after dropping on them. We would only drop on suspended or multiple fish. Leeches were the ticket."

Reported by
Omnia Community Member

Lake Vermilion (MN)

Omnia Community Member reported catching Walleye using the Bobbers technique and Gamakatsu Tournament Grade Wire Octopus Hook on Lake Vermilion. Additional comments from this report: "Fishing first break from 7-15 feet of water. Look for gravel and rock piles."

Reported by
Kyle Smith

McDill Pond (WI)

Kyle Smith reported catching Panfish / Bluegill using the Bobbers technique and Gamakatsu Tournament Grade Wire Octopus Hook on McDill Pond. Additional comments from this report: "Caught about 14 bluegills and a small bass, kid had a blast get out there. Fish are around submerged vegetation. Saw some sizable Carp, Still have not seen much for bass. "





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