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Best Dropshot Weight

Omnia collects thousands of detailed fishing reports from anglers across the country to power our local recommendations. Here are the top Weights recommendations for using the Drop Shot technique mentioned in fishing reports from anglers near you.

WOO! Tungsten Drop Shot Weight - Cylinder Shape

$4.69 – 7.29

Reported by
Michael Rekas

Lake of the Isles (MN)

Michael Rekas reported catching Largemouth Bass using the Drop Shot technique and WOO! Tungsten Drop Shot Weight - Cylinder Shape on Lake of the Isles. Additional comments from this report: "Fishing a drop-shot around shallow targets and the edge of grass lines has caught good numbers with a couple quality fish in between. Small roll casts and flips have got the job done, the tighter you can get to cover the better. "

Reported by

Crystal Lake (MN)

On Crystal Lake locate the deeper weed lines 10-15ft. Ideally locating milfoil or coon tail as the main vegetation. Using a VMC finesse neko hook, Texas-rig the plastic to be more weedless. Work the drop shot down the whole weed line until you get bites. Once you catch a fish there is a good chance there are multiple in the area so be sure to work the area over well before moving on. This should produce a decent number of fish with some quality ones mixed in.

Reported by
Lonnie Bloom

Lower Prior Lake (MN)

Lonnie Bloom reported catching Largemouth Bass using the Drop Shot technique and WOO! Tungsten Drop Shot Weight - Cylinder Shape on Lower Prior Lake. Additional comments from this report: "Targeted the scattered clumps of milfoil and coontail with sunfish beds scattered among them. Slowly, extra slowly, dragging and pausing a soft plastic jerkbait across the beds and through the weed clumps produced numerous fish, adding a few gentle twitches on slack line proved effective in coaxing bites out of some of the bigger fish. The sunfish will absolutely blast your bait the whole time it is down there, just maintain the extra slow drag and pause with some subtle shakes here and there. "

WOO! Tungsten Drop Shot Weight - Tear Drop

$4.69 – 7.29

Reported by
Michael Rekas

Pool 1 Mississippi (MN)

Took a day trip to the river in mid-august to try and find some smallmouth. With the water being low bank access was much easier. The drop shot and shakey head were the ticket. With the water down and slow current fish seemed to be scattered. We caught them up and down the bank and fish seemed to be holding in the main river tight to the bottom. Dragging a shakey head or shaking a drop-shot caught small numbers, with the occasional 2-2.5 lber. Moral of the story is, don't overlook Minneapolis' urban fisheries!

Reported by

Lotus Lake (MN)

plymouthfishingnick reported catching Largemouth Bass using the Drop Shot technique and WOO! Tungsten Drop Shot Weight - Tear Drop on Lotus Lake. Additional comments from this report: "8/24 Overall relatively slow, couple of quality bites "

Reported by
Ben Demo

Lake Minnetonka (MN)

Tonka has been rough for crappie because of my experience but the water temp was 58-61 in different parts of the lake so I decided to go fish very shallow dock pilings in small pockets hidden from main lake. With a good pair of sunglasses and being quiet with the trolling motor me and my partner were able to get in without spooking all the fish, I used a 14 inch drop shot leader to keep the bait high in the water so the crappie can see it and most of my fish were caught lightly shaking the bait to keep it up. The picture I took was a bass in the same pocket because all my crappie ended up in the live well LOL.

VMC Tungsten Drop Shot Weight

$4.99 – 7.79

Reported by
Hunter Brenny

Lake Minnetonka (MN)

Hunter Brenny reported catching Largemouth Bass using the Drop Shot technique and VMC Tungsten Drop Shot Weight on Lake Minnetonka. Additional comments from this report: "Cast out as far as you can and keep hopping it on the rocks"

Reported by

Lake Minnetonka (MN)

In the summer fish are heading deeper in the mornings on the edges of the weed lines. Finding fish at 10 to 20 feet. Find the lake contours with humps, rises and vegetation. The drop shot with a Neko finesse hook a 6 inch finesse worm in watermelon or green pumpkin rigged wacky style provides a great presentation. Spinning Rod with braid to Flouro is the best set-up. Something with medium fast or extra fast to feel those fish. Lean in and set the hook!

Reported by

Lake Saint Croix (MN, WI)

Looked for main channel steep banks with rock. Water temps around 76 degrees. Fish were in 20ish feet of water. For weekend fisherman like myself get out there early. Boat traffic was intolerable after 1pm. Deadsticked the drop shot vertically below the boat. Slowly trolled between 15-25 feet. Even picked up a surprise walleye.

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