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Woo! Tungsten

Tired of tungsten that chips after half a day? Yeah, so were we. That's why we created WOO! Tungsten. High-quality tungsten products at low prices.

Woo! Tungsten

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  1. Nail Weight
    Best Seller

    Woo! Tungsten

    Nail Weight

    49 Fishing Reports


  2. Lure Wrap
    Best Seller

    Woo! Tungsten

    Lure Wrap

    67 Fishing Reports


  3. Swimbait Hook

    Woo! Tungsten

    Swimbait Hook

    9 Fishing Reports

    $7.99 – $8.49

  4. EWG Ned Head
    Green Pumpkin

    Woo! Tungsten

    EWG Ned Head

    16 Fishing Reports

    $7.69 – $8.99

  5. Wacky Jig
    Green Pumpkin

    Woo! Tungsten

    Wacky Jig

    7 Fishing Reports

    $5.99 – $6.89

  6. Tube Jig Head

    Woo! Tungsten

    Tube Jig Head

    11 Fishing Reports

    $3.99 – $5.99

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